We believe that building relationships is the key to our on-going success. The relationship begins the moment you contact us with a description of the part that you need manufactured. Jim (Jr.) has been with Meier Screw Products for over 18 years and is the fourth owner in the company's 80+ year history, purchasing the company from his father Jim "Sr" in 2019.

Once your parts have been ordered, details of the quoted process are forwarded to the shop via the Plant Manager, Emily Turk. Emily has been with Meier Screw since 2012. Starting in the front office as an administrator, and now running the day-to-day operations of the company, Emily has worked tirelessly for the customer and is the engine that drives the parts from start to finish. She brings her passion for the customer and company together to see the job through.

Once your job is in the shop, you may need to interface with other key members of the Meier staff. Ron Jankowski is our Quality Control Inspector; he has been with Meier Screw for over 25 years and has a wide breadth of manufacturing and quality knowledge, spanning every machine in the shop. Ron 'works for the customer' and is committed to meeting your requirements.

Supplier relationships are vital to our on-going success and being in the Detroit area gives us the advantage of having our trusted vendors all within close proximity. Our vendors know that we work with a very fast delivery requirement and these material suppliers, heat treaters, grinders, and platers have worked with us for 30+ years. They recognize our 'need for speed' and are willing to continually provide us with expedited service.